Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain VeneersA veneer is a very fine facing made of porcelain which is bonded onto your natural tooth. The primary function is to improve the appearance and they can involve very little preparation of your own natural tooth. Veneers can be used in cases where the teeth are chipped, discoloured or crowded. They are most frequently used on your upper or lower front teeth.

Porcelain veneers are used to correct the same types of dental concerns as cosmetic bonding – chips, gaps, broken, discoloured and crooked teeth. The unique advantage of porcelain veneers is their strength, durability and excellent aesthetics. At Temple Square Dental we use only the best materials and quality ceramic laboratories that have been tried and tested the world over and our Lava, Empress, E-Max, Da Vinci, Lumineers and Procera Veneers carry our unique 2 year guarantee.

The procedure takes two appointments. At the first appointment, we shape your teeth as carefully and conservatively as possible and take a mould of the teeth to be veneered. Hand crafted temporary veneers are then placed on your teeth whilst your final veneers are being made. This allows you to ‘trial’ your new smile so that you can experience how your new smile will look and feel. If you want any changes with the shape or size at this stage, we are able to make any adjustments so that you’re completely satisfied.

Composite Bonding

What us cosmetic bonding?

Composite VeneersOften referred to as the “one hour smile makeover, cosmetic bonding is a technique that is used to correct imperfections with your teeth to give you a more attractive smile.

Bonding uses a composite resin to close spaces, change the colour of the teeth, mask any discolorations, repair chips, change the size or shape of teeth, and give crooked or uneven teeth a straight-looking appearance.

Smile Makeover

Cosmetic bonding can be used on a single tooth or transform an entire smile. It is a simple technique that allows the white filling material to bond to the natural tooth, usually without the need to prepare/shape the tooth and is completed in one short visit. Another advantage of this technique is that an anaesthetic is not normally required, allowing you to smile with confidence, immediately. An artistic eye is required in order to produce natural seemless results and our SMILE DESIGN dentists have trained extensively in this procedure, transforming many smiles.

Your cosmetic bonding procedure should last several years depending on your lifestyle. Smoking, drinking or using your teeth as tools, may reduce the life expectancy of the bonding and you may need to get your teeth polished once a year as the bonding material stains more readily than natural teeth.