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Invisalign clear aligners

Serving patients throughout Aylesbury and Buckinghamshire

Invisalign is the revolutionary clear aligner which straightens with discretion, comfort and ease.

With results at in as little as 3 - 6 months (depending on the complexity of movement required), this trusted system has successfully transformed over 10 million smiles so far... and counting!

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Benefits of Invisalign clear aligners from Temple Square Dental in Aylesbury:

Life can continue as normal, as the Invisalign System discreetly does its work. As Invisalign aligners are removable, it’s easy to maintain your regular oral hygiene and enjoy your usual diet. You should simply wear your aligners for the recommended 22 hours a day to see the best results.

Only Invisalign clear aligners use SmartTrack material to shape your smile with such precision, comfort and predictability. SmartTrack material is highly elastic for an improved aligner fit and greater comfort.

Near invisible
Invisalign clear aligners are so discreet, it will be difficult to notice you are undergoing teeth straightening treatment.

The Invisalign treatment process is straightforward and technically advanced:

  1. Consultation and planning After an initial consultation, our Invisalign dentist, our dentist will take photos, X-rays and digital scans, or a dental impression, of your teeth. These records will be used to create a ClinCheck 3D treatment plan, just for you. ClinCheck technology digitally maps your entire Invisalign journey, so you can see what your new smile is predicted to look like before treatment even begins.
  2. Transformation We’ll then custom make your aligners using state of the art 3D printing technology, before our dentist provides you with your initial sets of aligners, to start your treatment. You’ll need to wear each aligner for 1-2 weeks before changing to the next, to slowly and efficiently move the teeth inline. our dentist will see you every 4–6 weeks to check your progress and provide you with your next sequence of aligners.
  3. Retaining your new smile Once your new smile is achieved, you’ll need to wear a retainer to ensure your teeth remain beautifully aligned. Retainers can either be removable clear trays, similar to a mouth guard, or a fixed retainer which are discreetly attached to the back of the teeth for continual support.

If you are looking for Invisalign clear aligners in Aylesbury and Buckinghamshire and want to know more about your options, get in touch to arrange a consultation at Temple Square Dental.


Dr Reshmi Bansal

Ms Bansal qualified from King’s College London in 2008. She then went on to complete her MJDF whilst furthering her knowledge and skills in maxillofacial surgery at the RSCH. In order to deliver high quality cosmetic treatment, she spent a year at the Aspire Dental Academy and completed a course in Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry. This means she can restore worn teeth, reshape teeth with composite...

Dr Reshmi Bansal
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The biggest complement we receive is when our patients refer their friends and family to Temple Square Dental. In fact, we have built much of our practice on these valued, trusted recommendations over the years. Read our reviews to hear why our patients are recommending us…

Patient reviews

316 Reviews


12th August 2022

The service at temple Square is always immaculate in every way. Staff are helpful and courteous. The dentists and the hygienist always explain everything carefully. It is the best dental practise I have ever experienced.

9th August 2022

I was seen on time. Everything about the checkup was explained. Staff were very welcoming and efficient.

9th August 2022

Really friendly staff who put the patient at ease and explained everything really well too.

5th August 2022

I phoned for an appointment at 8.00am (after breaking a tooth the night before) and was offered an appointment for 8.45 the same morning, however due to logistics I took up an alternative appointment the following day for 9.00am - excellent service and treatment.

5th August 2022

Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Made me feel very relaxed and explained everything really well.

4th August 2022

Very good on all fronts

3rd August 2022

I thought the staff were very friendly and the building was clean and comfortable. The process was quick and easy and I would recommend to others in the future.

3rd August 2022

My options were explained very clearly, so that I could make an informed decision. The dentist put me at ease and discussed all my concerns with me.

30th July 2022

Everything was just right

30th July 2022

The hygienist was courteous & polite. She asked how things had been since my last appointment & listened to me. She made helpful suggestions for improvement but always in a friendly & encouraging manner. She constantly checked that I was ok during treatment. I felt really comfortable throughout. Finally she advised me when I should make my next appointment for. I was very happy & have asked to see the same hygienist next time.

30th July 2022

The dentist did what was required

29th July 2022

Both the hygienist and the dentist were great. Very satisfied and the hygienist did the best clean ever.

29th July 2022

All the staff are always professional, but friendly. I feel valued and welcome. My anxieties are taken in to account and any visit is stress free.

29th July 2022

Friendly caring service

27th July 2022

I am undergoing an extensive course of treatment and I cannot praise Dr Prab and staff highly enough. I have the utmost confidence that I am incredibly experienced, safe hands.

27th July 2022

I am always treated with kindness, as for this appointment. Everything is explained.All the staff are very friendly and make you feel at ease.I don’t like going to the dentist BUT this is the only one where everyone is kind.

26th July 2022

All of the staff were kind, helpful, and polite. Would highly recommend to everyone I know

25th July 2022

Even though i was a bit anxious, Jacqui was really lovely and helped me relax, can't recommend her and your practise enough

23rd July 2022

Very friendly and efficient staff

22nd July 2022

My dentist is an absolute delight to visit. Having been a nervous patient due to some previous bad experiences elsewhere, I can’t imagine going anywhere else for dental treatment.

22nd July 2022

Aaron explained everything in detail and I felt really relaxed and not nervous at all.I didn’t feel pressured into having any treatment until I was ready.

22nd July 2022

Excellent hygienist, thorough and informative and encouraging. Excellent dentist. Always helpful informative.

21st July 2022

Excellent dentist and nurse. Receptionist equally so. Everything clearly explained and shown how to help look after teeth. Nothing too much trouble and cleanliness standard very high.

21st July 2022

There was a very short wait before the dentist came to collect me. He went through health checks very carefully, did a thorough examination including X-rays and explained what treatment was needed and what options were available. All done in a clear and professional manner. I am unable to rate the dental nurse as I did not need to ask her to explain anything. It was as relaxing an experience as it is possible for someone who has had a lifelong fear of the dentist from childhood.


Renato Lucatello

Exceptional service and professionalism from the delightful Lucie and the rest of the team at Temple Dental in Aylesbury.

19th July 2022

Lucy is grat


Rose Saint

Excellent service as usual

18th July 2022

Took time to understand and offer support for underlying health issues.

17th July 2022

Very efficient, extremely helpful, made us feel very comfortable even in the heat with autistic child. Definitely will return. Thank you

16th July 2022

The communication from Dr Landau with regards to my teeth during the examination has been excellent, making it easy to follow advice on any areas that may cause concern in future years.

16th July 2022

I was made at ease by the Dentist & Dental nurse, procedure was well explained & well carried out

15th July 2022

Really friendly team. Maria and Aaron first class. Explained everything , listened and gave options where appropriate.

14th July 2022

I had a hygienist appointment on 12 July at 8.30am with Maria. She was excellent. So kind and caring and her treatment was excellent. I will definitely be booking with her again. I have been going to Temple Square for over 30 years and she is the best hygienist by far.

13th July 2022

The experience was exemplary.Both Dentist and Nurse showed me care and understood my situation as an elderly man.They put me at ease through the the process and we’re attentive to my needs.I was made aware of exactly what was happening and the result was a pain free operation.

12th July 2022

All good and dentist was helpful and very considerate.

10th July 2022

Aaron was very onformative and helpful. Top class treatment.

10th July 2022

I have stayed with this dental practice for over 30 years and have continued to travel there when I have moved further afield. My dentist Prab is superb and continues to train to enhance her skills and keep abreast of new developments. Lucy, the dental hygienist I went to for the first time on this occasion, did a superb job and is trusted by my previous dental hygienist Geraldine (now retired) to clean her teeth. There are high standards throughout this dental practice and all staff are professional, friendly and welcoming.

8th July 2022

I experienced no problems, and everything went efficiently and pleasantly.

7th July 2022

All the staff are friendly and highly professional. They take the time to put you at your ease and answer questions. They are concerned that treatment should be pain free.

7th July 2022

I’ve been a patient here for over 30 years always satisfied

7th July 2022

Dr Landau was incredibly kind and caring given I am an active oncology patient and had many concerns about how the treatment had possibly affected my teeth and gums. He listened and made plenty of helpful suggestions while making me feel at ease

7th July 2022

The practice itself is first class and the staff are superb

6th July 2022

Reshmi and her assistant (cant rember her name) always listen to my needs. they are reassuring and gentle. i have a fear of the dentist and have never enjoyed the dentist however since becoming a patient of reshmi i am so much more relaxed and confident with my treatment.

5th July 2022

Friendly and courteous team, clean and smart environment, I did not have to wait, hygienist sensitive to my needs and caring of comfort - I wish I had found this dental practice sooner. The patient care and customer service is excellent.

3rd July 2022

I just felt that the whole experience was positive in a way especially taking into consideration the fact of me not being confortabile with dental procedures

2nd July 2022

Professional all round


Nitin Patel

I took my 13yr old daughter and my and 11yr old son to see Aaron for their routine check up. Aaron was amazing as ever making the kids feel comfortable and Charlotte the nurse was just as good in getting them involved. Also Miami on reception was lovely, she was so friendly and welcoming. All 3 staff members made our vist an extremely pleasant and enjoyable experience.

1st July 2022

Aaron and his nurse Charlotte were fantastic. They took the time to explain things to my 2 children and did not rush through the appointment. Miami the receptionist was so lovely and very welcoming.

1st July 2022

Excellent treatment thank you

30th June 2022

A routine clean with no drama


Rachel O'Mahony

Excellent service from Aaron and Natalie. Always thorough and supportive.

29th June 2022

Interested and interesting staff… fully focused on patient care and putting them at ease. Professional, but personal.


Mathew Brabin

Excellent dental practice that I've been going to for many years and I would thoroughly recommend. All the staff are very friendly and professional. For my most recent treatment with Dr Aaron Landau care was taken to ensure I was comfortable and not in pain at any point and I was very happy with the end result.


colin perry

As a new patient I was made to feel very welcome by the receptionists and the dentists would highly recommend


Cait Boon

Amazing service, everyone is so kind and chatty. I have been attending this practice since I was a child and have always had positive experiences and come away happy!

25th June 2022

I received excellent treatment and understanding

23rd June 2022

Extremely helpful and friendly staff that made me feel at ease. They listened well and were very helpful.


william lawson

Temple Square Dentist are a great team. If you have a problem going to the dentist like I’d did try these guys! My dentist is Aaron he is really good with nervous people.

23rd June 2022

Reassuring manner. Tolerant of my anxiety.Explains clearly. Not rushed

23rd June 2022

I trust my dentist

22nd June 2022

First time for a crown. Procedure fully explained, clinition involved me throughout and answered my questions clearly, kindly and patiently. I found the procedure fascinating and was happy to trust my clinition throughout. Great experience.

22nd June 2022

Everything was explained clearly. The dentist regularly checked I was ok during the treatment.

21st June 2022

Just very happy with my treatment. Nothing more to say.

21st June 2022

Hygienist explained all the procedures and offered some advice.


Jenny Perry

I had a lovely hygenist call Maria my teeth feel so clean and smooth. I would highly recommend the practice they are all so kind and helpful

19th June 2022

Everything and everybody were extremely professional

17th June 2022

Great care was taken to extract some very old baby teeth. I have no pain after the procedure which took some time to complete due to the extraction being challenging. Everything was explained by the team at length.

17th June 2022

Arron extremely likeable person - excellent dentist. Dental assistant knew her job and helped facilitate very well.


Monique Foster

Orthodontist. During my highschool time in the 80's I had braces, the traintracks, and that lasted for 2 school years orso. Afterwards, the retainer was a metal wire, attached to the back of the teeth. Unfortunately that came off during my college time in the USA, and when I returned home my teeth had moved back again. Almost 40 years later, I had enough of my teeth not being straight, and to my surprise their was no age limit to have this rectified. And it was not as costly as I assumed. I choose the Inman Brace and it only took 4 months to straighten my teeth. The clear plastc retainer has to be worn at night. Reshmi and Lisa in the orthodontist team looked after me very well, they have done a super good job and I can recommend their service to anyone that wants to get their teeth straightened fast and easy.

17th June 2022

I have been a patient at Temple Square Dental for over 37 years and have always found the treatment I have received to be extremely good. I was recommended by a friend and have never regretted my choice.

17th June 2022

A very professional experience and a very friendlyAtmosphere

16th June 2022

Team work well together and make it pleasant experience

16th June 2022

An all round excellent standard of care by the whole team- as usual!

15th June 2022

Excellent hygienist with exemplary professional and patient centred attitude. Listened more than spoke. Gave guidance not belittling telling off. Very proactive in pain management. Repeatedly checked I was ok at each step of the way. I am confident to see this new to me person again.

15th June 2022

All the team are friendly and professional

14th June 2022

I was made to feel at ease by the dentist. Treatment plan clearly explained. Overall a wonderful experience of painful problem!!

14th June 2022

Excellent customer service … my hygienist kept asking if I was ok to make sure I was comfortable .. receptionist was extremely helpful .. all in all great service

10th June 2022

Very helpful and courteous staff. Good surrounding. Made me feel very at ease and comfortable.

10th June 2022

I had to attend to a funeral and the staff were all very accommodating to my need to ensure the appointment was on time but still providing their usual excellent service.

10th June 2022

My treatment was explained throughout and I was always asked if I was OK during it.

9th June 2022

Everyone is so kind re-assuring and everything is explained to you. Very happy with service cannot fault it .

7th June 2022

I took my two year old daughter for her first dental exam with Dr Aaron Landau. The reception staff made myself and my daughter incredibly welcome when we arrived. Upon the appointment, Aaron made my daughter feel welcome, happy and safe with the upcoming appointment. Aaron explained about her new teeth coming through at the back to me and my daughter, and discussed with her proper brushing technique. She then got a sticker at the end.

2nd June 2022

Extremely efficient and I felt safe and was very satisfied



I recently visited the Temple Square Dental Surgery for an appointment with Ms Lucie Saverova (Dental Hygienist). I have been a patient at this practice for over twenty years and have always been pleased with the service. This was my first visit with Lucie and I was absolutely delighted with her work. She made sure that I was comforable and I found her to have a very pleasing personality. Above all, I sensed she had skilled hands and felt completely at rest during my visit. I have no hesitation in recomending Lucie and wish to thank her for her kindness. Bob Bruce


Francine Hunt

I have been going to this dentist for over 20 years and would not go anywhere else. Great friendly staff.

27th May 2022

I have been a patient at the surgery for 45 years and have always been highly satisfied with the treatment I have received.

27th May 2022

Everyone at the practice were very friendly & accommodating. The dentist took the time to explain everything in detail & put my needs first. I was put at ease by both the dentist & the nurse.


Alison Major

Having had a fear of attending the dentist for years I decided to be brave and booked an appointment at Temple Square dental practice. On my first visit i immediately was put at ease by the lovely reception staff and have been so fortunate to be under the care of Prab Sandhu who is the gentlest and kindest dentist I have ever met. I am now having implant treatment under sedation and with the help of Sarah, the treatment coordinator, this has all gone smoothly. Sarah explains everything that will happen before treatment and is really reassuring and follows up the next day to make sure all is ok. They are a great team. I would recommend this dental practice to everyone

26th May 2022

Very experienced dentist, took time to explain.

26th May 2022

All was good, helpful clinicians and other staff.Also planned future appointments.

25th May 2022

Impressed with time and attention taken for hygienist appointment. Very kind and professional.

25th May 2022

Aaron and Natalie are both lovely - very friendly while remaining professional. Aaron very good at explaining treatment options and regularly checking all is ok.


Chris Gollop

Had some work done by Aaron was great for someone who is very nervous of dentist Aaron was great. Needs to brush up on jokes but you work is very good

23rd May 2022

My dentist was very gentle when completing the treatment

21st May 2022

I lost a filling from my front tooth. I phoned the surgery in the morning and was offered an appointment for that afternoon with my dentist. The procedure was done and dusted perfectly within 1/2 hour.


Dave Wall

I’m a new patient to the surgery. Everyone, was friendly and helpful in every possible way. The initial consultation was thorough, including a check of my neck, shoulders and the movement of my jaw bone, which I haven’t had before. 5 stars for customer satisfaction

21st May 2022

Efficient, friendly service.

20th May 2022

Efficient, friendly

19th May 2022

dentist was polite, explained what she was going to do, gave me the injections required to perform the fillings, didn't cause me any pain either when giving injections or doing the fillings, told me how to alert her if i wanted her to stop, regularly checked that I was ok throughout the procedure, & advised what to do about eating afterwards.

19th May 2022

Both Raj and his assistant were most friendly and helpfull


Joshua Morgan

Fantastic experience at Temple Square. The whole team are very accommodating and helpful with any concerns. Treatments carried out to perfection, and Raj was very informative with regard to detail about the process throughout my experience there. A great bunch, the hygienists and Prab too were very helpful throughout my time. Recommend.

18th May 2022

Professional and respectful staff

17th May 2022

This practice continues to deliver 1st class treatment and service. Their attention and consideration to their patients is absolutely first rate.


mike mcgaughrin

An excellent practice! Everyone we engaged with was friendly and professional - from the receptionists through to the treatment co-ordinator and dental nurses and dentists were a pleasure to deal with. Could not recommend Temple Square more highly!

16th May 2022

It was a complex procedure (5 implants) so I was nervous to begin with but Prab's manner and considerable skill (along with the dental nurse in attendance) put me at ease.

12th May 2022

Lucy the hygenist was very professional and comforting throughout the treatment.

11th May 2022

Efficient and very clear with my options and expertly worked

11th May 2022

I had met the dentist in an NHS setting although the reception did not allow appointments with her but a less favoured dentist. When she moved to Temple Square I was more than pleased to make the 20 mile trip. Treated with respect, and very professionally. I don’t pretend I enjoy having dental treatment but the dentist and nurse were very kind and empathetic.

11th May 2022

Aaron! Great with kids. We really like that he focus on them and talks to them as his clients… great communication skills.

11th May 2022

The pratic is clean and tidy the reception ctaff are friendley and polite, I have been seeing Reshmi for the past 10+ years so when she moved to Temple Square I followed

10th May 2022

My teeth were cleaned perfectly and I was made to feel comfortable with brilliant customer service.


Dan Shaw

Dr Reshmi and Lisa were very friendly. We had a good laugh which made me feel very welcome. They were very thorough and walked me through every step and process they were undertaking. At the end she explained all my option in great detail which was all easy to understand. Superb first visit.

7th May 2022

Nothing but professionalism throughout the procedure.

6th May 2022

Helpful efficient and effective dental treatment. Nice courteous trestment


Jannette Tuck

I would like to say a huge thank you to all the team at the practice Sarah,Charlotte and most of all Prab for transforming my front teeth .I can now smile in confidence showing my teeth .The result is fantastic ,i was worried that my teeth would look false , but with Prabs reassurance they are perfect .Anyone thinking of having the perfect smile do it ! Prab is the person to help you achieve it ...Thanks again Temple Sqaure dental

6th May 2022

This is a very professional and friendly dental practice. Treatment is of a high standard and catered to patient care.

6th May 2022

Ease of booking. Friendly welcome in a relaxing environment. Lucy hygienist amazing. Ensures best experience and so thorough! Dr Aaron and nurse works with you for best treatment plan without pressure, explaining work required in detail.


Janice Keating

As always , friendly welcome from front of house team in a calming environment. Dr Aaron and Charlotte do a great job of putting you at ease . Aaron works with you to decide best treatment plan, making whole dentist experience a good one, thank you.


Graham Choldcroft

My wife attended for an extraction, which proved to be less than straightforward. The treatment she received throughout the process was first rate and second to none. At no time did she fear anything other than a positive outcome, which was the case. She felt safe and cared for.

4th May 2022

The hygienist explained the procedure clearly and continued to check on my comfort throughout the treatment. The treatment was very thorough. Very happy with the treatment.

4th May 2022

Polite helpful staff. Dentist efficient caring plus has a sense of humour.Feel very comfortable with all staff


jennifer Mills

Take no notice of the name above as this is my wifes account. Again another very positive feedback. the dentists are always friendly and put you at ease ( as easy as a visit to a dentist can be ! ) Never a fearful visit to see this practice. Excellent service.

4th May 2022

Both the clinician and the dental nurse were attentive, responsive and caring.


Jim Sawyers

Great dental practice so helpful polite and have a great modern approach, been going there for 45 years. A special mention for Reshmi & Lisa. Lovely ladies, great fun and very attentive. Well done all .


Jonathan Enfield

Great experience all round. Dr Aaron Landau is a fantastic dentist.

2nd May 2022

Prabb and Charlotte make a great team and put me at ease all the way through, explaining everything as they went along. I’m really pleased with my implants

1st May 2022

Everything went well and all was explained to me.

1st May 2022

Lovely professional staff always make you feel cared for . Lovely clean modern practice


Ben Parry

I booked myself in as an emergency patient, which resulted in having to have 2 wisdom teeth removed. I have always suffered mild panic attacks regarding any type of dental procedures, which is why I have not been for some time. The team are just incredible, I was put at ease very quickly by the reception team and was bought a wonderful coffee. Then it was time. I was met by Jacqui and oh my god she was just the kindest person I think I have ever met, she understood my anxiety issues and then explained what she would be doing. I did not feel anything at all, and have left pain free and yes…… I will be back very soon for a hygienist appointment. I can not recommend these skilled people enough! Thank you so much for your kindness and above all your care during what is to me quiet traumatic. Kind regards Ben Parry

30th April 2022

No dramas and always a professional experience.

30th April 2022

Aaron my dentist is particularly good at making you feel at ease and discuses all options and solutions. The hygienist, dental nurse and all staff are helpful and supportive

29th April 2022

It was on time .and very professional

29th April 2022

Courteous staff, all procedures explained fully which ensured understanding. Reassurance given.


Andrea Brooke

Always a pleasure to visit here, the staff are friendly and professional.

29th April 2022

Always friendly, polite & professional! I travel 1 hour to get to dentist practice as I have been at temple square since a child! I trust my dentists advice to always choose the right treatment for me!

28th April 2022

I was very late to my appointment due to an issue with my car on the way but Raj accommodated this by moving appointments around. Really friendly staff and helpful.

28th April 2022

Am nervous patient and everything explained clearly to put me at ease

28th April 2022

I felt safe during the procedure, dentist is very friendly and clearly knows what he was doing. It wasn’t to painful, helpful staff and team

28th April 2022

I have never had a problem, Lucy my hygienist is lovely. And Aaron my dentist is the best dentist I’ve ever had, I have had a lot of work done, since coming to this dentist, but always made to feel at ease.

28th April 2022

Staff were efficient and surgery was clean. The use of face masks made me feel safe

27th April 2022

Reception staff friendly and helpful. Clinician brilliant professionally and personally and nurse was considerate to me and the clinician.

27th April 2022

The staff team are great. I have been coming here for years and have never had a problem. Always get first class treatment from receptionists, dentists and support staff.

27th April 2022

Brilliant treatment at this clinic I have been a patient for many years. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

27th April 2022

Always receive good service with friendly staff.


ellis temerlies

Happy smiles Good listening staff Good experience


David Gunn

The only dental service that makes you feel one of the family and that nothing is to much trouble


Richard Bull

Superb Treatment and attention.


Greg Knight

Have recently had some dental work and partial denture made and fitted. As someone with a real fear of the Dentist I cannot rate highly enough the care and understanding I received from Reshmi and dental nurse Lisa

24th April 2022

Friendly staff

24th April 2022

Very high standard of treatment and care.

22nd April 2022

New dentist introduced herself, was highly professional, attentive and discussed my treatment options with clarity and balance. New hygienist was very professional. Supportive and delivered a good experience and offered sensible advice. Dentist suggested a more rapid return to monitor a situation that concerned her. Very reassuring to know that my care in considered important.

21st April 2022

Friendly, professional and relaxed treatment.

15th April 2022

Very informative of the next step of my treatment and answered my questions when I did ask.


Sandra Mayer-Smith

An amazing group of people who care about more you than just your teeth!!


Daniel O'Mahony

Excellent service from Lucie as usual.

10th April 2022

The dentist explained the options - do it or do nothing and what the latter might mean. He consulted with his boss/colleague both before and during treatment, so I was confident I was in good hands and that all aspects had been covered. After-treatment consultation has been good too.

9th April 2022

Absolutely exceptional care from Aaron as alway, so calming and chatty and will listen to your problems before jumping in. Can not fault my appointment! He’s an absolutely brilliant dentist!

8th April 2022

Staff are friendly and welcoming. During my check up I felt confident that I was receiving high quality care.

7th April 2022

Reception staff welcoming. Practise clean and tidy. Appointment pretty much on time. Lucy always very patient & polite. Explains what's what. Does an excellent job.

7th April 2022

The dentist and her nurse are new to the Practice and both performed as well as any other dental staff have within my experience. This covers the last 80 years!

7th April 2022

I was made to feel that I was being listened to and I was important


Annabella Veal

Amazing service, I had a root canal under the NHS that went wrong and the doctors at Temple Square have restored my tooth. Now making this place my permanent dentist.

3rd April 2022

Friendly, highly skilled dentist and hygienist. Confident in their ability to treat and advise. Clean, comfortable surgery helpful reception staff.


wendy henry

I was very scared going to the dentist,till now i have never been looked after so much by my dentist,and staff. The staff are absolutely lovely and the reassurance i experience was fantastic cant thank them all enough.

2nd April 2022

Dr Prab Sandhu my Dentist is an excellent Dentist,I would recommend her to anyone,she is friendly,gentle and very considerate.Her Nurse Charlotte was very nice too.

1st April 2022

The Dentist did really well in checking up my sons teeths and we did got to know more options after the checkup,she’s a very Good Dentist

1st April 2022

Fantastic clinic with experienced great, friendly staff.

1st April 2022

Very professional as usual both Praa and lucieand caring

1st April 2022

Love this dentist. My kids are there for a very long time already. Nice helpful staff. Dr Aaron is super with kids, he treats them so respectfully. He chats to them not with parent.

31st March 2022

Professional treatmentGreat communicationPleasant customer serviceReliable administrationTreatment reassurance

31st March 2022

The staff were lovely friendly and professional. Felt well informed and relaxed throughout appointment. Excellent treatment received Helpful receptionist made checking in and out easy.

31st March 2022

Excellent service ass usual

30th March 2022

As always my dentist took the time to make sure my experience was positive. I suffer with anxiety over dentists however I will only see my dentist here as she puts me at ease and does everything to make sure I am comfortable.

30th March 2022

My treatment replaced previous work. The new work is way more comfortable

30th March 2022

I have been coming to this dental practice for many years and always found the treatment I have received to be very good.

30th March 2022

It was all well run and efficient. Both the Dentist and the lady Hygenest were gentle and explained clearly what they were doing. The atmosphere throughout was friendly.


Wasif Saleem

I would highly recommend Temple Square Dental. I am very happy with my treatment by Rishi. their whole team is very professional.

29th March 2022

Staff were very polite and knowledgeable. All went to plan

29th March 2022

How each procedure was explained


Richard Acton

Very well looked after, everything explained prior to my tooth extraction and followed up post extraction. Staff are very engaging and helpful. I will be looking to use them more than my NHS dentist in future.

28th March 2022

Very polite and put me at (relative) ease. I am a nervous patient!

27th March 2022

The practice balances professional care and expertise with a human approach. Aaron is a brilliant dentist, so kind and patient. For anyone who is anxious about visiting a dentist Aaron is your man.


Glyn Brooks

Having moved around and been to several dental practices in recent years, I am very pleased to have found Temple Square Dental. Every member of staff is dedicated to an outstanding level of care and service. Dr Aaron Landau made the root canal I had been dreading a very manageable experience. Dr Landau’s commitment to getting the root canal and subsequent crown exactly right was evident at every stage. Great guy, even better Dentist. Thank you.

26th March 2022

Very professional and friendly experience

26th March 2022

Very happy with everything and everyone would recommend this practice to anyone:)

25th March 2022

I get anxious about visiting the dentist From start to finish the whole experience was friendly and very professional .


Ellie Day

Dr Aaron Landau is the best dentist I've ever had. He's so calming and he made me feel comfortable right away, I have severe anxiety so that is instantly a win.

24th March 2022

She was very good and keep asking if I'm OK my teeth are sparkling cleaned I'm 100% satisfied thank you very much Lucie .

24th March 2022

Very polite and helpful.Good with the kids.

24th March 2022

Aaron is always lovely and listened to my concerns. The reception staff were nice and helpful when I forgot my face mask. The place is always clean and I wouldn't go anywhere else.

24th March 2022

I received good advice and recommendations

24th March 2022

This was an emergency appointment scheduled to let me be seen before I went on holiday and working round my available time. Team were so helpful it was great and on the day dentist was lovely, explained everything and suggested treatment

21st March 2022

I had a non dental problem with a cut that was seeping and the Dentist was fantastic in helping with that problem. He was totally professional and prioritised the loving me with this emergency prior to me going to A&EFabulous care.

19th March 2022

The treatment was extremely good in all respects but the reason i'm not likely to recommend is that the prices seem to be very high for other members of family or friends.

17th March 2022

My treatment was explained in full and I was reassured at each step of the procedure- I was given full advice in relation to aftercare

17th March 2022

The whole experience was carried out in Avery professionalAnd friendly manner

13th March 2022

Until recently I have been with the same dentist since I was 7 or 8. He recently retired so I now have a new young dentist to care for me. I trust him unconditionally and have no concerns going forward.

13th March 2022

Everyone is polite and friendly. The setting is clean, tidy and organised.

11th March 2022

very friendly reception staff made you feel at ease and welcome. The dentist was professional and explained clearly the processes involved and explained other options for tooth replacement clearly. My maximum scores on all the questions fully justify the experience.

10th March 2022

Arron is very good with the children and explained exactly what he was doing

10th March 2022

The level of care was like I’ve never experienced before. Every member of the team was very polite and helpful. Reshmi was very professional while kind and reassuring.

9th March 2022

Always a friendly first class service Aaron is so knowledgeable he remembers every detail about his patient Nothing is ever too much trouble He’s kind friendly and always puts me at ease

7th March 2022

It was efficient and friendly. Waiting room comfortable.

6th March 2022

Aaron my dentist is very professional, highly competent clinician .He has a very good 'chairside' manners and has the ability to put a patient at their ease. He carefully answers queries in detail and explains procedures. He is a first class dentist.

6th March 2022

Good service as usual. I felt cared for and cared about.

3rd March 2022

The plan of treatment was discussed and options clearly explained. Approximate costs identified and discussed. Prompt reply to emails and assistance with insurance claim. Excellent patient care on the day of treatment. Put at ease and regularly checked during a lengthy 2:5hr consultation that I was ok during treatment. Felt valued as a patient and not talked down to. Felt in safe and knowledgeable hands.

3rd March 2022

Ms Lucie Saverova was excellent at her job and Dr Rajesh was excellent and been there for about 30 years plus.

3rd March 2022

Made to feel safe and expertly looked after


Kent M17

I would recommend to anyone with higher expectation about care and professionalism to the hygienist Maria honestly she is very professional with a wide knowledge about dentistry she is calm and very friendly ,very very happy with her.

2nd March 2022

All highly professional with a great outcome.

1st March 2022

Broken tooth repaired but only as a temporary fix.

1st March 2022

Just excellent

25th February 2022

Arron is the most considerate dentist I've ever met. Very patient and caring, explained everything in detail that was being done. I will never visit any other dentist. I used to have a morbid fear of dentists he has changed my opinion. My only regret is that I didn't visit sooner.

25th February 2022

Always satisfied with whole experience

24th February 2022

The practice is very clean, I feel comfortable going there

23rd February 2022

Aaron was extremely patient and understanding whilst doing the crown

23rd February 2022

Lovely and helpful lady on reception, Lisa? So helpful. The dentist Mr Landau is so caring and helpful to my children, he really is wonderful

23rd February 2022

Caring staff

22nd February 2022

All work was done efficiently and was explained before and during the procedure.

22nd February 2022

I had an emergency appointment to mend a broken bridge which was completed at the appointment and I was told what may happen to it in the future


G Molyneux

I have been a patient of this practice for over 15 years and have never received less than an excellent service from everyone involved in my care. It is fair to say that my dental condition was challenging to say the least when I first arrived, but the expert treatment I have received from Dr Sandhu and colleagues over the years has ensured that I continue to enjoy good dental health. I hold them in the highest regard and therefore would not hesitate to recommend the services of Temple Square to anyone.


eileen kelly

Always polite, considerate,jhelpful and professional.


MIchelle Reardon

Excellent service , and very quick in getting me an appointment.


anne marie moody

Lucy, The hygienist did a super job. Thrilled with the results.


Eddie Gutteridge

Speedy appointment with much professional ism & caring by the dentist & staff . A good atmosphere in the building always prevails whenever I visit.



Both my appointments went extremely well. All the staff were professional, efficient & very helpful.


Natalia Crump

I cannot praise Temple Square Dental highly enough. The practice is immaculate and i felt Covid secure.The reception team is so friendly,polite and helpful.I had my infected tooth removed under the crown.Dr Aaron Landau made me feel very comfortable and switched on my favourite music. Despite the fact it was very complicated extraction,i never felt any pain the entire process. Dr Aaron Landau is the Best Family Dentist! He is very professional and knowledgeable,i feel very fortunate to have found such a skilled and caring dentist.


Angela Whitehead

Been with the practice for 30 years, great team. All the staff are friendly , helpful and very professional. Needed an emergency appointment and fitted in very quickly. Would not dream of going anywhere else.


Patricia Kirk

My experience is always very good, at this dental practice. The staff are very kind and helpful and very polite. My dentist Dr Aaron Landau, is a excellent dentist. Makes you feel at ease, I have always been really worried about going to the dentist, but that changed when I started seeing Aaron has my dentist, explains everything.


Lisa Summers

Aaron and the team were as friendly and welcoming as always. From booking in with reception to having our check ups every step was first class.


Gabriel Gheorghe

Joyful, helpful & professional staff. Recomand.


Dawn Francis

have been coming to this practice for 3 years now, having moved from a practice I had been going to for over 20 years, I haven't looked back, and wish I had moved sooner. The entire team are incredible at what they do.....Ive had teeth extractions, Fillings, Implants, and my daughter's braces fitted here..... Each time, expertly treated, with friendly and caring support from all the dental nurses, reception team and indeed Aaron my dentist, who I cannot speak highly enough of.....he's an amazing dentist.... I often get complimented on my teeth........It's all down to these guys!.....Pristine premises, seamless booking, friendly and efficient, Cannot rate highly enough!!!!



Professional, courteous, expeditious! Great Dentist, great dentist practice!


Richard Day

I had lost an old filling so needed a new crown to replace that. I was very impressed with Dr Landau's professionalism. He put me at my ease, explained what he was doing and what my options were throughout the procedure, and did a great job. I am very pleased with the result and, though I hope not to go through this again in the future, I thoroughly recommend Dr Landau for anyone else needing dental treatment themselves.


L Boylan

I went for a routine check up and everyone is so pleasant and they really put you at ease . I nearly look forward to my trips to the dentist now !


maggie downes

Very safe and very thorough service and treatment.


Kim Fleet

I recently had a crown fitted using new technology . It meant I only needed to be numbed once and it took an hour and a half which is so much better than having to wait while the impressions are sent away. It was amazing to watch the process.


Derek Jones

Friendly and competent treatment.


Peter Kelly

Typically great service.


John Thorogood

The staff, an usual, were friendly and efficient. There was good coordination between the Hygienist and the Dentist to provide an effective additional treatment within the time allocated for a standard hygiene treatment and dental examination.


David Ladyman

A patient for decades and never disappointed. The highest quality service given by a friendly team, and highly recommended.


Aidan O'Donovan

Very quick and efficient with my problem


Sasha Thomson

Lovely receptionist! Facilities are nice and clean and the hygienist there is excellent! Really recommend this clinic!


Richard Clark

Very pleasant reception and accommodating staff. Excellent dentists with great customer awareness


Bismarck “Biz” Vergara

I had the pleasure to have Dr Prab as my dentist and BY FAR she's the best dentist I have ever had. She is professional, caring, understanding, punctual and her upmost priority is the comfort of her patients. Her and her staff were magnificent and made going to the dentist, which is usually an unpleasant experience, into a very pleasurable and great experience. Thank you Dr. Prab and your staff


Sword Mouse

Where to start? They're extremely kind and professional. And when they ask you what your concerns are or what issues you have, they actually listen. They also try to make you as comfortable as possible, which is great. Perhaps best of all, they're HONEST, and didn't try to upsell anything or find problems that didn't exist. **My previous dentist** proposed thousands and thousands of dollars of work (I'm originally from the States), and a whopping $1200 cleaning they tried to push on me. I knew I was getting grifted, so I left, but foolishly left the work unfinished because I no longer trusted dentists. That was 10 years ago. 10 years of wear and tear on teeth that I knew already needed work, and I was dreading what the bill would be now, considering my previous experience. Turns out, the ENTIRETY of Temple Square Dental's treatment plan, which includes a cleaning, fillings and a root canal, is going to cost me less than the cleaning alone I was supposed to have 10 years ago. What a difference an honest dentist makes. I can't recommend them enough.


Alexander Matthews

Very friendly and efficient. Took the time to explain everything. Overall a very pleasant experience.....not something you'd normally associate with a visit to the dentist!!!


Lindsay Vergara

Wonderful dentists, they fit me in the schedule right away when I had a painful tooth. They did several major procedures and they all went very smooth.


Alison Morgan

I have just had a tooth extraction here and would like to say what an excellent service it was. Everyone at the practice is so kind and helpful. Thank you for making the experience much less traumatic than I was expecting.


Sam R

This Dental Practice is very friendly and professional. Lucy, my Hygienist was excellent.


pat newsham

I would give more than 5 stars, I cannot recommend enough. My confidence in having dental treatment has been restored after many years


Lesley Timms

In the last week, I've had root canal treatment, and a new crown fitted by Aaron, who is a superbly skilled dentist, and an extremely pleasant man. He explains what he is doing during the procedures, which helps you to relax, but is also very interesting. All the staff at the surgery are very friendly, helpful and efficient, and both Aaron and his very kind dental nurse manage to make a trip to the dentist enjoyable!


Matt Sara

After a previous tooth extraction with a different dental practice in Aylesbury leaving me terrified of any dental work I decided to use temple square dental as sedation was the only way I could get through treatment. From the minute I booked an appointment the service was professional and friendly and so supportive. I had a root canal treatment completed yesterday and I couldn’t be happier with the result. It was such a calm experience. I never expected to feel this happy after dental work and have experienced practically no pain considering how invasive a root canal is. Couldn’t recommend this practice enough.


Jamie Byrom

I visited the dental practice yesterday for appointments with both the hygienist and the dentist. From entering reception to undergoing treatment, all staff were extremely courteous and friendly. Would always recommend - no complaints/concerns at all.



Prompt, knowledgeable and efficient service. I've already booked again for 6 and 12 months.


Jane Cobley

Very friendly and organised.


Nigel Wright

Very good and professional. Could not fault my visit. First time ever that I had a painless filling renewed.


David Furlonger

Welcoming, skilful and professional.


Gina Scragg

Totally professional as always. Lots of care and advice.


Clive “The Grumpy Cat” W

I have been going to this same practice for many more years than I am going to admit to here...! I don't even live in the same town, but I still return, so that should tell you something..... Gaining trust in a dentist is not easy, but I have had the fullest confidence going to this practice over the years. When you arrive and enter their smart, comfortable and modern waiting room, you are greeted by a very friendly receptionist, all adding to a relaxed and calm atmosphere. Equally modern, this practice is at the forefront of technology, particularly when it comes to transplants. They have invested heavily in a state-of-the-art 5-Axis CNC machine that produces implants in-house. This not only speeds up the whole process, but ensures an absolutely bespoke service. I speak from experience. So all in all, I can confidently recommend this practice with it's highly professional and friendly staff.


Mark Reynald

I had a root canal done with Raj, the specialist, and his assistant. He was very friendly and we chatted for a bit. this was my first root canal and the assistant lady kept me calm throughout. Raj was very focused on detail and it took 2 hours to do but it was very well done with no pain! I am returning to do my crown tooth in a month and I look forward to the 3D printing. Charlotte and the girls at the front desk were very friendly on my arrival and leaving. Great experience at this dentist.


Victoria Hobbs

Really happy with my treatment and care from Dr. Landau and Nat. A lovely team of people who are very kind and helpful.



The service and the staff are very good


Marie Robinson

After being with my previous dentist for many years was a little apprehensive when I needed treatment . I needn’t have worried as I couldn’t have been put more at ease with Dentist Aaron and the nurse Charlotte. They were both professional, friendly and I couldn’t of asked for better care.. All Covid precautions were excellent . Thank you also to reception..


Diane Murphy

Having just finished a course of dental treatment from Lead Clinician, Prab Sandhu, I can’t say how delighted I am with the end result. Prab has given me a reason to smile again and I can’t thank her enough! The whole practice is very friendly but also extremely professional and even though I am moving away, I will still be returning to her as you can’t put a value on finding such a great dentist!


Shaun Baker

Friendly professional service. Recommend


Stephen Bunyan

The team at Temple Square are professional, polite, warm, friendly and very good at looking after your teeth. Would recommend this practice 100%!


Alexis C-S

I have been to Temple Square since I was a child and have had great care with their dentistry and orthodontics. Dr Landau is now my dentist and I can happily say he puts me at ease which is something I never thought I’d say about a dental visit! He recently performed my first filling and he was very kind explaining everything he was going to do. It is also nice to see the same lovely dental nurse each time I visit. I would recommend Temple Square to anyone looking for a dentist.


Natalie Cullimore

Such a positive experience. Great customer service and I really felt that everything was explained to me in a clear and thorough way.



Really helpful and friendly staff. I went in for a tooth extraction with Dr Sandhu and her assistant. They were very kind but also efficient in making sure I received the best treatment. All COVID measures in place are well executed that helped to create a safe environment.


Graham Foster

I had a crown replaced today by the dentist Aaron Landau and his assistant Charlotte. I can only say good things about the Temple Square Dental Practice. From the time you arrive the reception staff are friendly and reassuring. Aaron then talked me through the procedure and kept me updated and reassured me throughout. The whole procedure was completed in less than two hours as Aaron has the ability to accurately scan, size, measure, produce and fit the new crown within the practice, using the most modern 3D scanning, measuring, milling, firing, shaping and colouring of the crown. I would thoroughly recommend anyone looking for a new dental practice in the Aylesbury area to contact the Temple Square Dental team. Graham Foster Aylesbury.


David Parker

I have been going to this dental practise for many years and have had excellent care and advice such that I ,at 80, still have my own teeth This visit was for the hygienist only. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this dental service to anybody and now, I see they do much more than dental work


Hanna Ross

I have just returned from a hygienist appointment with Eva. I'm an incredibly nervous patient and was absolutely dreading my appointment, but Eva was really friendly, understanding and made the experience as pleasant as possible. Very pleased with everything about the treatment, the way it was conducted and the results. I'd highly recommend Eva and the practice, particularly for nervous patients.


Peter Lee

Very good and professional no issues with the treatment


Mike Elliott

Safe arrival, pleasant staff, good explanations of problem, nice surroundings.


Andy Baylis

Very good controls in place and in truth, aside from entry and the obvious additional controls in place - the service and organisation has not been adversely affected by the necessary adaptations


Heather Simms

A very reassuring experience, with skilled work done attentively, cheerfully and gently under PPE conditions. Trouble free results! Thank you very much.


Patricia Kirk

Since joining this practice, I have found much more confidence, going to the dentist. My dentist is excellent, so is his assistants. The reception staff, are friendly, and very helpful, Plus the whole practice is acting, especially very well, while this pandemic is happening.


Steve Bignell

I have had cause to have some treatment today and have to say that the patient care and safety is paramount in the thoughts of the staff, which I found very reassuring. Dr Aaron Landau fitted my new crown and the result is brilliant, a combination of very high tech along with exceptional dentist skills the whole experience was great and I didn’t need to leave the surgery as all of the work, including making the crown was completed on site on the same visit. Fantastic dental practice, keep up the great work.


P Thomas

I have very sensitive teeth so a visit to the hygienist is always viewed with trepidation. Patricia was excellent - thorough enough to descale and clean properly but gentle enough so I had minimum discomfort.


Lena Charman

I felt very safe and comfortable visiting the practice. Good anti covid measures in both the waiting area and the surgery.


mike berthet

First class!


Aaron Day

My overall experience was great. I not been to the dentist in a very long time, and had to seek advice on a major tooth pain. After having scans it was the best advice to be given from Dr Aaron going forward with my treatment. I could not fault the safe and the politeness and the reception team for their professionalism. Even tho it’s private and you pay,the service out weights the cost against NHS. Defo recommend the dental surgery.


Richard Hamlyn

By far the best dental practice I have ever been to. Aaron is a superb dentist, very reassuring and professional. The entire team that I encountered were just brilliant and I would definitely recommend.


Steve Smirthwaite

Very quick appointment given the current situation. Friendly, courteous and professional as always.


Anne Richardson

Yesterday, (Tuesday 14th July) I had both a hygiene and a dental appointment at the practice. I was very happy with my treatment from start to finish. On arrival I was welcomed by Dan who greeted me at the door, took my temperature, offered me hand sanitizer and a mask and then indicated where I should sit in the waiting room. Both of my appointments were on time. Pat, the Hygienist was both friendly and professional, as usual, and put me at ease. She also recommended a dental rinse that I intend to purchase. Dr. Aaron Landau, (my Dentist) was also cheerful, friendly and professional and recommended some treatment that I will have in the future. I always find the service and treatment at Temple Square Dental to be exemplary and would highly recommend their services to others.


Andrew Henderson

Very friendly , put me immediately at ease. I felt both Lucy and Raj were interested in me and were willing to spend time chatting when this isn't to be expected. They explained what they were doing and what to expect in the future which is helpful to know. Thank you.


jennifer woolridge

Easy efficient & professional experience


Glynis Gurr

Made to feel very welcome and felt totally safe with the precautions that had been carried out.


Jennifer Daniels

I can’t praise Temple highly enough for adapting to the new Covid way of working which made me feel very safe throughout my procedure. I always feel so relaxed and informed with the level of professionalism, friendliness and informative feedback I receive throughout my treatments. I highly recommend.


Diane L

Dr Patade was very nice in the first consultation with him (actually first check up in last 10 years!) very patient in answering my questions and concerns. Would definitely be back!


Steve Wickham

I’ve been with this practice for many years & following the retirement of my dentist the excellent service has been maintained by his successor.


Nephe Ezra

I almost enjoy the dentist now ! very appreciative of having a dentist well-versed in bone diseases too, as I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta which affects everything from teeth to cartilage to organs.


Lucy Harrington

This is a top class practice with top class professionals from the friendly efficient reception staff through to the dentists nurses & hygienists. You really couldn’t put your mouth & teeth in more capable hands with the best advice & clinical excellence in thoroughly up to date surgeries with very caring professionals who always have your best interests at the forefront of their thinking & take the fear completely out of a visit to the dentist. They have looked after my whole family’s teeth over many years & I cannot recommend them highly enough. Lorraine Harrington


George Molyneux

I have always been impressed by the skill and professionalism of this practice, especially Prab who has worked miracles over the past 15 years on my behalf! The environment is superb and all the support staff are friendly and super efficient! George Molyneux


Peter Russel

Very friendly dentist and hygenist didnt wait for to long and reasonable priced. Very skilled work aswell


Phillip Stevens

Really pleased with the whole procedure. Thanks to all involved


Steve Heslin

I had some major dental implants carried out by Dr Prab Sandhu and her team. Throughout the whole treatment I was treated very well. Lot's of friends asked if it hurt and I can honestly state that there was discomfort at times but no pain. Before the treatment I was given a detailed plan and price estimate which ended up being exact. The finished results are great and have boosted my confidence. I would happily recommend Prab and her team.


Barbara Boniface

After our previous dentist, Dr. Padget, retired, I was quite nervous about seeing a new one - especially after 25 years - but Dr. Aaron Landau is absolutely lovely and I had no reason to be worried ! Aaron is incredibly friendly, professional and great if you're generally not a fan of the dentist as he's very good at making it a comfortable experience. He's very easy to talk to about any concerns you might have, and is great at answering any questions in a very 'user-friendly' fashion. I also like how understanding he is when it comes to discussing more serious concerns - for example, a family member of mine who also sees Aaron has both a genetic bone disease as well as previous issues with purging from an eating disorder. He was absolutely wonderful with them, was not in any way judgemental, and has made incredible efforts to help them with their dental care. I recently had a composite applied to some of my teeth due to some receding gums, and I feel much more confident in my smile already ! I would highly recommend Aaron to anyone in need of a dentist - he's incredibly welcoming as well as gentle with your teeth ! :-)


Jane P

I have been coming to this practice for 40 years (since I was 2) they are so fantastic, as a child they fixed my overbite with braces, have fitted a crown and veneers and always make time for need any time it’s needed. Thank you Dr Mcleavey and everyone there.


Harrison Allen

Proffesional practice , Prab is amazing nothing is ever a problem and she does a great job thanks for all the great work you've done on my smile


Ren Allen

Prab and Sarah are fantastic. I have had terrible experiences with dentists and they have restored my faith in going to see the dentist. My teeth are amazing now. They used to be super sensitive and the ladies rebuilt them and now I'm not in constant pain. Highly recommend temple square, all staff are friendly and cannot do enough for you.


Lee Tuck

We have been patients with Prab ever since she joined the practice My children have always been at ease with her and team ,even when they have had treatment. Prab explains everything she is going to do .Her work is outstanding. We would highly recommend Prab and her team to everyone .


Sarah Edwards

Great surgery, friendly helpful staff. Always very happy with every appointment I attended. They always put my daughter at ease. Very good service.


Richard Cornwell

I am so grateful for the excellent dental treatment I have received from Mrs. Sandhu. She has been gentle and kind and achieved miracles. Hilary Cornwell.


Gill Peacock

As a 'child of the 50s' I have received some very dubious dental care over the years! Naturally, I have been rather uneasy when embarking on treatment. Since receiving dental care from Mrs Sandhu and Sarah I have recieved excellent treatment. Good communication and highly skilled work. I would recommend the practice with every confidence.



I have had 2 implants and some other cosmetic related work with Prab and her assistant, Sarah. I can not praise them too highly. Their professionalism and ability to make me feel at ease were second to none. They took me through the process stage by stage and the work when finished has been of the highest order.


Nick Matthews

Sarah Murphy has been my dentist for many years and I am very pleased to have followed her to Temple Square. She and the team are extremely professional and thorough yet caring and considerate with a more cautious patient like me!


Leonie Allen

I have been going to temple square dental since I was a teenager and they are great! Dr.Sandhu is a talented dentist there is no job she cannot do! I highly recommended her and her team!


Charlie Collie

Had Orthodontic work done, amazing dentist, great and quick results. Couldn’t recommend more!


Philip Savage

Prab Sandhu put in an implant a year ago. It went really well and I found her very professional and efficient. I am delighted with the result. She is very accessible and if I have any dental problem She sees me at short notice. I would very much recommend the practice and Prab. The reception staff are very friendly and helpful. My wife is also a patient. Her thoughts are below:- A few years ago I had 10 veneers on my upper teeth. I am delighted with the result - in fact they are better than I ever imagined. I had this procedure done Prab Sandhu and I thoroughly recommend her. Although it is expensive it is the best money I have ever spent.



This is a friendly surgery that I have been going to for many years. Every procedure is very carefully explained which I find reassuring. The staff are patient, kind and good at listening to any dentistry problems which they then work hard to resolve. I would recommend them.


Vincent McDaid

Have been going to Temple Square for years. Everyone is patient and understanding and do everything they can to relax you and make sure that you understand the treatments. Would definitely recommend this practice to those of a nervous disposition.


Deb Anstey

I have been a patient of Prab at Dental Square and have found the practise to be professional and reliable. I had a tooth extraction which was carried out with great strength and care! The practise has a friendly feel.


Elizabeth Moran

I am extremely nervous of going to a dentist but all the staff at Temple Square are friendly and made me feel at ease. The dentist and dental nurses put you at ease and were very patient with me. I cannot say I enjoy going to the dentist but I certainly don’t have the same fear.


Jackie Weedon

Very happy with all the staff and treatment I have received at Temple Square Dental, they are all very friendly, exceptionally professional and always willing to help.

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