Temple Square Finance Options

INTEREST FREE FINANCE For up to 12 months.

We currently have a contract with NHS South Central to provide treatment on the NHS for children up to the age of 18 years, including Orthodontics if appropriate.

Our adult patients either pay as they go or join Denplan, details below:

Regular Examinations £35
New patient consultation (inc all necessary x rays) £80
Small x ray £10
Hygienist (30 mins) £60
Hygienist (45 mins) £95
Emergency £95
White Composite filling £100-£300
Amalgam filling £85-£135
Root canal treatments £475 – £850 depending on complexity
Extractions from £150
Surgical extractions from £255
Crowns from £750
Bridges from £895
Acrylic denture £580
Chrome denture £1250
Invisalign single arch from £2500
Invisalign both arches from £3500
Teeth whitening from £350
Smile design porcelain veneers £800 per tooth
Composite bonding £235 per tooth
Gum shield £160
Clenching inhibitor appliance £265 – £480
Anti-snoring appliance £500
Implant including abutment and crown £2650
Dental sedation £320
3D CT Scan £99 per arch


If you are looking for a more convenient way to pay for your dental care, please ask us for details of Denplan Scheme. This allows you to spread the cost of your dental treatment by paying a set amount each month. The scheme covers all your routine dental check -ups and hygiene appointments. Many of our patients benefit from the Denplan scheme and we highly recommend it.

Our Denplan rates are:

Category A B C D E
Monthly cost £14.60 £24.25 £32.35 £41.30 £50.45
Weekly cost £3.37 £5.60 £7.47 £9.53 £11.64
Daily cost £0.48 £0.80 £1.06 £1.36 £1.66

Note: 84% of our patients are in Groups B & C.

For added convenience you can also spread the cost of of additional treatments, such as white fillings, crowns, veneers or tooth whitening. If you would like more information please ask about our interest-free dental loan scheme. You can then start planning for that change in your smile that makes all the difference.

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